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CBC delivers news that the Government wants to hear by prohibiting comments on

on almost every story that is of public interest and public importance. Its censorship by the Canadian Government on a grand scale.


How is it done?

CBC engages in "denial of reality" in its various insidious forms.

First, they use "plausible deniability", CBC says it uses 3rd party software, that is artificial intelligence to effectively prevent any comment that the government (CBC) does not want to see.


CBC  3rd party software that tracks your IP, fingerprints your computer, and effectively creates a file on every poster.

If you think your fake name and fake email address protects you, your are probably wrong.


Your cookies probably include your social media, that means that web sites, know exactly who you are, what you buy, anything mentioned

in your emails or even what  anyone says in front of a  microphone of computer or phone.


CBC moderation software keeps a record of what you post and if your post contains any words or phrases that contradict

what CBC 3rd party's software, your posts get , moderated, that is delayed for up to an hour which by the time its

approved, no one is reading that any more. Or, your posts get rejected.


If your posts get rejected, it means you have  used words that CBC have listed in a vocabulary that you are never allowed to use

in future on CBC comments.


CBC prohibit strong adjectives. Words like Criminal, Justice, Supreme Court of Canada, Judges, feminism and many others

will get you ability to post on CBC removed permanently.


If you parent, child or partner goes to use your computer, they too will banned, their CBC sign in removed permanently.

Then the only way you can post is to use a proxy server and a generic browser that is reset every time you use it.



Foreign Interference

Russia and other countries however have no problem in using generic browsers and or proxy servers.

Russian Trolls dominate CBC comments to the point that on occasions, there are more posts by Russian Trolls

than Canadians.  These are recognized by their computer generated ID's in the same way that Nigerian frauds

generate ID's on facebook.


If you post anything that Putin does not like on CBC news comments, the Russian Trolls will "flag" your post en masse to

CBC which means  the CBC AI then removes your post and awards  you with negative points.

As your negative points accumulate, you will be banned from CBC for increasing amounts of time that eventually

results in a life time permanent ban from posting on CBC from your computer and or IP address.


Its very important that you use a Proxy Server, a Generic Browser and recognize the extraordinary risks.

Never use Google or Facebook to sign into CBC.



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